How to remove Black Magic


Yantras (large talismans) are effective remedial measures in achieving your desires by removing the malefic effects of any black magic or dark energy around you . The yantras are very powerful and they can be used for various problems. Some of the yantras listed below are about 15 cm by 15.5 cm which is about A5 size. The bigger the yantras are, the more powerful they become compared to the smaller ones. There are several types of yantras which we personally make for our clients on request. The yantras are made by hand.
We also sell small energised talismans which will be made after working out the details from your birth chart. To order please send your date, time and the place of birth. The talismans can be worn around the neck(in a locket). The talismans are £35.00 each. The talismans will protect the wearers from harm and any problems which they may face in their life.
These are some of the yantras which are made by us for our clients. All the yantras made by us are charged and energised to give maximum benefit. We also make specialised dolls for clients to remove any types of black magic and dark energy around you. The prices of dolls start from £200.00 each.

Paravidhya Bhedhana Sudarshan Yantra

This yantra is very powerful and it is used mainly for removing witchcraft and the effects caused by it. For more information on the yantra please contact Bharat and Sheela. The cost of the yantras are £80.00 each.

Sudarshana Yantra

This yantra is used for overcoming your enemies and removing any black magic which might have been done on you. It removes all the problems caused by your enemies and it is very effective. The price for the yantras are priced at £80.00 each.

Narasimha Yantra

This yantra is used mainly for protecting one from adversities which can be caused by black magic and dark energy. The yantras are priced at £80.00 each.

Dhumvathi Yantra

This yantra is used to annihilate the problems caused by your foes. It is very effective yantra. The yantras are priced at £80.00 each.

Mangal Yantras

This yantra is very powerful and gives quick results. This yantra protects one from accidents, diseases, anger, temper and also ensures quick recovery from major surgery. The yantra is made from silver coating and priced at £80.00 each.

Kali And Sani Yantra

Kali Sani Yantra is a very powerful yantra. It is has power to reverse the ill-effects of the black magic and free a person from bad influence of spirits and ghosts.This yantra also eliminates the harmful effects of Saturn which when malefic brings misfortunes and sorrow in ones’ lives. It is also good for blood pressure, paralysis and nervous disorders. This yantra is priced at £80.00 each.

Rakshogna Yantra

This yantra is for power and dominance over enemies and adversaries. The yantra gives one the edge over competition, victory over enemies and rivals. It can also offers protection against accidents and diseases. The yantras are priced at £80.00 each.

Sani Sade Yantra

This is a special yantra for any one who is going through Sani Sade period. During this period ( 7.5 years cycle ) there will be blockages and obstacles in your lives. Sometimes Sani Sade can destroy you. Sani Sade comes usually three times in ones’ lives.This yantra offers complete protection against the above problems. The benefits from this yantra are tremendous. The yantras are priced at £100.00 each.

Sarva Raksha Maha Yantra

he 4-in-one combination Yantra that gives protection to the owner in all circumstances. It contains Sarabheshwara Yantra, Maha Sudarshan Yantra, Sulini Yantra and Pratinkara Yantra. This combined yantra is priced at £100.00 each.

We also do several different types of yantras such as uchattan, maran, moon, sun, jupiter, mercury, venus, saturn, rahu and ketu. They start from £80.00 to £350.00 for maran yantra.
Please note the yantras for health do not and should not replace medical treatment but they are used to balance the malefic effects of the karmic planets. Please contact Bharat and Sheela for more details.

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